'Wheel of Fortune' Genius — I'm Sinking My Winnings Into Some New Muscle! (VIDEO)

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The “Wheel of Fortune” wizard who nailed puzzles with just one letter and took home $76k is about to drop some of that dough on a sports car.

Robert Santoli came on “TMZ Live” to explain how he pulled off a near sweep of every puzzle on last Friday’s episode of ‘Wheel’ — and his strategy was downright genius. And a lot of hard work. 

Robert — whose day job is working IT at a college prep school — tells us he’s eyeballing a new Mustang … either red or black. He says he fell in love with Ford’s muscle car when he was in L.A. shooting ‘Wheel.’

Don’t worry, Mom … the 23-year-old also says he’s going to pay off his student loans from Fordham.

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