Von Miller Goes Alligator Wrestling

Von Miller

Wrastlin’ Gators!!

1/26/2018 9:11 AM PST

Here’s Denver Broncos MVP Von Miller scaring the hell outta John Elway … sitting on top of a living, breathing ALLIGATOR! 

Miller is in Orlando, Florida for the Pro Bowl and decided to use some of his free time to visit Gatorland –the self-proclaimed, “Alligator Capital of the World.”

The 28-year-old got the VIP gator treatment — with park officials allowing him to “wrestle” a gator … which means he got to climb on top of the animal while its jaws were taped shut. 

Gator Fun Fact — alligators can bite down with an insane amount of force (300 pounds per square inch) … but barely have any muscle power to OPEN their mouths. Crazy, right?!

Still, Von is in the middle of a $114 MILLION contract … would you let him get this close to an alligator?!

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