UFC's Frankie Edgar — It's 'Whack' that McGregor Won't Fight Me … But I'll Get Him (VIDEO)


“If you have a belt, you should have to defend it” … so says Frankie Edgar who says it’s “whack” that Conor McGregor is fighting outside his weight class before defending the featherweight title. 

Edgar is currently UFC’s top ranked featherweight contender and BADLY wants to beat the title out of the hands of the Irish superstar. 

Problem is, Conor’s taking his SECOND fight in another weight class (to rematch with Nate Diaz) … and it’s clearly bothering Edgar. 

Don’t worry, Frankie says he’s still laser focused on destroying Jose Aldo at UFC 200 in Vegas on July 9th … but it’s obvious, he wants Conor next. 

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