U.S. Olympian Saves Adorable Dog from S. Korea Butcher

U.S. Olympian

Saves Dog from S. Korea Butcher

… Welcome to America!

2/27/2018 7:20 AM PST


The cute, adorable doggie you’re looking at was about to be SLAUGHTERED TO BE EATEN in South Korea … that is, until U.S. snowboarder Maddie Mastro took action. 

While the SuperPipe bronze medalist was competing in Pyeongchang — she made it a point to go to the Korean meat farm to rescue a dog marked for a dinner plate. 

FYI, harvesting dogs for meat still happens in South Korea and other Asian countries. So, Mastro and a bunch of Olympians made it a point to save as many as they could before heading home.

U.S. skier Gus Kenworthy set the dog-rescue record with 90 … but Maddie and others are doing their part, too. 

“I’m just grateful I get to help one out,” Maddie told TMZ Sports

You can tell Mastro has mad love for Plum (or “Jadu” in Korean) … but it sounds like her fam’s gonna have to find another home for the pup since they already got a full house.

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