Tyrese Gibson Not Optimistic On Way into Court

Tyrese Gibson

Not Sounding Optimistic on D-Day

In Court Battle with Ex-Wife

11/17/2017 11:55 AM PST


Tyrese Gibson will finally find out today if the restraining order that’s keeping him from his daughter will be lifted — but on his way into court Friday he didn’t sound horribly optimistic.

The operative words he used as he arrived at court … “sacrificial lamb” … and it was clear he thinks that’s what he’s going to be when the judge rules. He also went off about the medication he was prescribed … which he blames for his recent emotional outbursts on social media.

As for what’s happening in court … the judge has dropped the restraining order keeping Tyrese away from his ex-wife, Norma Gibson. But what matters most to him is whether he gets to see his daughter, Shayla.

Stay tuned for that ruling … 

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