Troy Aikman Says Josh Rosen's One Of The Best QB Prospects, Ever!

Troy Aikman

Rosen’s One Of The Best QB Prospects


3/23/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Troy Aikman says UCLA star Josh Rosen ain’t just one of the best QB’s in this year’s NFL draft — he’s one of the best QB prospects he’s seen, EVER. 

We got Aikman in Beverly Hills after he dropped sweat at a SoulCycle class (get it, Troy!) … and he broke down the consensus of the top 3 arms in this year’s class — Rosen, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen.

Troy had nice things to say about the whole trio … but gave Rosen the highest compliment imaginable.

“Josh is a real talent. I watched him throw a few years ago at UCLA one summer. He can throw as well as anybody I’ve ever seen,” Aikman told TMZ Sports.

Naturally, Troy says that makes Rosen worthy of the #1 pick next month — but he ain’t guaranteeing that’s gonna happen.

Now, we feel like we should point out that Aikman was a UCLA Bruin just like Rosen. Take that however you want!

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