Senator Bill Cassidy Says Jimmy Kimmel's Wrong About His New Health Care Bill

Senator Bill Cassidy

Kimmel is Wrong

… My Health Bill Works

9/20/2017 9:55 AM PDT


Senator Bill Cassidy respectfully disagrees with Jimmy Kimmel as to whether his new health care bill is the right fix to Obamacare — but as for that “Kimmel test” … uhhh.

We got the Louisiana senator Wednesday on Capitol Hill — where he and Lindsey Graham are trying to get a new health bill passed to repeal and replace Obamacare by the end of the month — and he says Kimmel’s misinformed about what this new law would do.

He says it WILL protect folks with pre-existing conditions, and WILL get more people covered in general. Jimmy believes the opposite, saying the bill gives states more power to allocate money from the government — and he thinks that will backfire.

Jimmy went on the attack on his show Tuesday night … saying Cassidy’s bill is too complicated … and furthermore, he lied … in Jimmy’s eyes.

One thing is clear from Cassidy here … the so-called “Kimmel test” he once endorsed might be out the window.

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