Roy Hibbert: Don't Write Off Derrick Rose

Roy Hibbert

Don’t Write Off Derrick Rose

… Still Got Talent!

3/8/2018 1:33 PM PST


Don’t mock the Timberwolves for signing Derrick Rose — because the dude still has potential to be a championship caliber player … so says Roy Hibbert

Minnesota just locked up the 29-year-old former MVP for the rest of the season, leaving many wondering if they’re wasting money and a roster spot considering his failed run with the Cavs.  

But not Hibbert (a 2-time All-Star), who tells TMZ Sports he seriously thinks Rose can help elevate the T-Wolves to become a championship team. 

“He’s talented, very talented,” Hibbert says. 

BTW — the Wolves are currently 6th in the super-stacked Western Conference, so it’s unlikely … but crazier things have happened.

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