'Orphan' Star — Help, Famously Creepy Kid Stuck in Elevator! (PHOTO)

Exclusive Details

42016-isabelle-fuhrmanFirefighters ran into kind of a nightmare while rescuing a teenager from an elevator … since she’s the same girl who scared the crap out of people in the horror movie, “Orphan.” 

Isabelle Fuhrman was trapped Monday evening in an apartment building elevator … and L.A. City Fire Department rushed to the rescue. When they got the doors open they came face-to-face with the actress who played creepy little Esther … and her dog, Jennings.

Of course, she wasn’t in costume and she’s 19 now … so none of the firefighters had to change their shorts. Shortly after rescue, Isabelle tweeted, “When the fire department has to save you from your elevator … thank you #LAFD.” 

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