NBA Champ Dahntay Jones — STORAGE WAR … You Sold My Rare Nikes!!! (PHOTO GALLERY + VIDEO)


0728_dahntay_jones_shoes_launchCleveland Cavs forward Dahntay Jones added a ring in June … but lost 400 kicks in July … ’cause more than 200 pairs from his prized shoe collection were just auctioned off … and he’s PISSED. 

Jones kept 208 pairs of rare Nikes in a storage facility in Atlanta for years … but not just any old kicks, some of the shoes were ultra-rare … including sample kicks made especially for Fat Joe

But the facility claims Jones didn’t keep up on the payments, so last week, they auctioned of the contents (“Storage Wars” style) … and the winning bid was around $4,000. 

We spoke with Jones who admits he was late on his payments — but says it was a simple mix-up that could have been easily corrected without having to unload his sneakers. 

Jones says his credit card stopped making payments to the facility due to a possible fraud alert (it happens sometimes) … but says he contacted the facility and told them he would come up with the cash (he’s reportedly made $18 mil in the NBA). 

Jones says the facility went ahead with the sale anyway … and now, he’s out 1/4 of his beloved shoe collection. He’s considering legal action.

By the way, Jones says the outstanding bill was LESS THAN $400.

As for his ex-kicks … the new owner says he plans to sell them on eBay .. and we’re told they’ll probably fetch a hefty return.

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