'Moonlight' Kid Jaden Piner Has Will Smith Goals at the Oscars (VIDEO)

2/23/2017 4:33 PM PST


Moonlight” star Jared Piner has 2 huge goals for his first Oscar night — getting next to one of those golden statues AND meeting with Will Smith. He’s only prepared for one of those.

Jared plays the kid version of one of the main characters, and just flew in for the award show. The 13-year-old told us he’s ready for his close-up if his movie takes Best Picture, but he seems way more intimidated to meet big Willie.

By the way, kid’s got the Hollywood spiel down pat already … based on his Oscar prediction. He also knows all the right answers when dad’s within earshot. His response when our photog asked about dating 7th grade girls is classic!

We predict big things for Jared.

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