Mischa Barton — I Chose Play Over Work and It Cost Me $200k!


0819-mischa-barton-TMZ-01Mischa Barton‘s gotta fork over a ton of cash to the screenwriter she left high and dry by blowing off his movie production to go parading all over Europe.

In legal docs obtained by TMZ … a judge ordered Mischa to pay $200k, plus interest, to screenplay writer Daniel Lief for skipping town just as shooting was set to start for his movie, “Promoted.” Mischa had scored the lead role. 

As we reported … producers sued Mischa when they saw pics of her all over social media … hangin’ in Europe with a dude, instead of getting her ass to work. Daniel said the production delay — he had to recast the lead — cost more than $300k. 

We reached out to Mischa, but no word back yet.


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