Miley Cyrus Ripped by Hunter … She's a Bullying Hypocrite!

Exclusive Details

0302_miley_cyrus_donald_trump_hunter_twitter-gettyThe wild game hunter Miley Cyrus bashed on social media says the singer opened the floodgates — ’cause now she’s getting hit with death threats.  

Rebecca Francis says the threats have been nonstop since Miley started reposting pics of Francis posing with big game kills. Miley captioned one of them, “What the f*** is wrong with the human race?” She also shared a pic of Francis posing with Donald Trump, saying she was “scared for our country.” 

Some of the death threats include, “F******g bitch, I wish I could hunt you” … and “I hope someone shoots you.” Francis tells us she thinks Miley’s cyberbullying of her is “way worse than what [Miley] is accusing hunters of doing.”

She adds she’s had to make her Instagram account private to shield the haters.


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