L.A. Reid — Pumped for Gaga at Super Bowl … 'Incredible' Choice (VIDEO)


L.A. Reid says he’s stoked the NFL tapped Lady Gaga for the Super Bowl LI halftime show … despite the fact he once DROPPED her from his record label. 

True story. 

Back in 2006, Reid 86’d Gaga from Epic Records … and now calls it “the biggest mistake of my career.”

He recently explained the whole situation to FOX 5 saying, “I feel a little bad about it. I do. I feel bad. I signed her. She comes in, she plays the piano, she’s incredible, she sings, I sign her, I tell her she’s going to change music. A couple of months later I say, maybe I wasn’t right. Maybe I don’t like this so much and I make the biggest mistake of my career. I dropped Lady Gaga.”

Good news … they managed to move past it — and he’s still a huge fan. 

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