Jessica Canseco — Don't Worry Mike Stud … Jose Canseco's Not Gonna Kill You


Jose Canseco is not going to murder his supermodel daughter’s rapper boyfriend … so says his ex-wife Jessica … who claims Jose is “all bark, no bite.”

Jessica was out at Craig’s in L.A. — looking CRAZY hot — when we asked about Jose’s recent comment that when he meets his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time … it’ll be with a gun in hand.

You know by now that smoking hot Josie Canseco is dating rapper Mike Stud … and was featured in his most recent video wearing little more than the pizza she was eating (it was awesome).

Mama Canseco makes it clear — she’s no fan of the video — but as far as Jose and his gun talk, Mike shouldn’t lose an ounce of sleep about meeting dear old dad.

Still, we’d recommend a vest … better safe than sorry right?

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