Ivanka Trump's Just Gotta Dance with Her Boys (VIDEO)

Ivanka Trump

I Just Gotta Dance with My Boys

After a Long Day at Work

5/4/2017 9:32 AM PDT

Ivanka Trump‘s 2 little boys aren’t Migos fans yet — they’re just toddlers — but they can get down to some pretty experimental jams.

Ivanka threw an after-work dance party in her Washington D.C. kitchen with 3-year-old Joseph … and the kid looks like he’s days away from dabbing. Mom and her boy are getting down to “I Love OJ” by Japanese comedian Pikotaro. Y’know the lyrics … “I like orange juice. Grape juice … no no no no.”

She posted the throwback vid as a shout to working mothers. But also to promote her book, ‘Women Who Work.’

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