Gianni Versace Crime Scene Less Chaotic Than Portrayed on 'American Crime Story'

Gianni Versace

Real Crime Scene Less Chaotic

… Than Portrayed on ‘American Crime Story’

1/18/2018 4:43 PM PST


Gianni Versace‘s crime scene wasn’t nearly as chaotic as FX’s ‘American Crime Story’ portrayed.

Carlos Noriega — a former lieutenant in charge of the Violent Crimes Unit for Miami Beach PD — tells us he was the 4th person to arrive on the scene back in 1997.

He says contrary to what ‘ACS’ portrayed on Wednesday night’s premiere episode, a tourist did NOT sneak past an officer to dip a Versace magazine ad into his fresh blood … and then get off scot-free. Noriega says that would never happen … and, frankly, couldn’t have.

Instead of taping off a tiny perimeter around the crime scene like ‘ACS’ depicts, Noriega says cops taped off a much wider area around Ocean Blvd. — and any people standing around were quite far away. He also says there weren’t that many spectators on day 1.

FX had a disclaimer on the show telling viewers the series was based on true events, but that some of their depictions were “combined or imagined for dramatic and interpretive purposes.”

BTW … the whole magazine ad thing was reported in a Newsweek article back then — an account that was never confirmed. 

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