Duke University Threatens Shirt Company for Mocking Grayson Allen (DOCUMENT)


Threatens Shirt Company

For Mocking Grayson Allen

4/1/2017 12:45 AM PDT


Duke University is going on the attack over t-shirts mocking their star basketball player, Grayson Allen … demanding the clothing company shut the shirt sale down ASAP. 

The shirts pissing off the Blue Devils are being sold by Smack Apparel and feature a silhouette of a basketball player with the #3 jersey and the words, “Yo Grayson… Why You Trippin’?” 

Duke fired off a cease and desist to Smack — claiming the company is using Grayson’s name and image without permission … and they’re threatening legal action if Smack doesn’t comply. 

Smack ain’t exactly backing down … owner Wayne Curtiss shot back with a letter of his own to Duke’s lawyers claiming his right to create a satirical shirt is protected by the 1st Amendment.

Curtiss does, however, offer a compromise — he’ll fly out to Duke to ask 50 people if they believe the shirt is sponsored or endorsed by Duke or Grayson. 

If more than 5 say ‘Yes,’ he’ll cease all production. If not, he wants to be reimbursed for his time and travel expenses. 

Spoiler Alert — there’s no chance in hell Duke will agree. Seems like this fight is bound for court. 

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