Courtney Love Taking High Road On Harvey Weinstein 'I Told You So' Jokes

Courtney Love

I’ll Take a Pass On

Weinstein ‘I Told You So’ Jokes

10/19/2017 6:57 AM PDT


Courtney Love is taking the high road when it comes to gloating about Harvey Weinstein — and best of all for her … she’s doing it with a couple of hot young dudes.

We got Courtney Wednesday night arriving at Delilah in WeHo with 2 “sexy men” — her words — and, as expected, she got a bunch of softball Weinstein questions. Seeing as how she fired a warning shot about Harvey way back in 2005 … this could’ve been her chance to drop several I-told-you-so’s on Hollywood.

You’ll recall, Courtney says CAA banned her after calling out Weinstein — and maybe that explains her response to all the questions about him.

Or maybe she’s just busy enjoying her company. 

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