Conor McGregor — Eddie Alvarez Is a Moron … Shoulda Asked for More Money! (VIDEO)

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Conor McGregor just went off on Eddie Alvarez — claiming the guy’s an idiot for agreeing to fight him at UFC 205 without signing a fat ass new contract. 

You gotta watch the video … McGregor goes off about how everyone in the UFC is trying to be like him these days — but there’s one huge difference … no one’s cashing checks as big as him. 

During the media event, Conor also bragged that he expects to make roughly $40 MILLION this year … which will help him achieve his goal of dethroning Cristiano Ronaldo on the top of the Forbes list.

Good luck.  

Also … check out the fan who decided to directly talk trash to Alvarez by posing as a reporter … the reaction is hilarious!  

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