Charlottesville Car Attack Victim Heather Heyer's Mother Gives Powerful Speech at Memorial Service

Charlottesville Victim’s Mom

Speaks At Memorial …

Neo-Nazis Won’t Shut Her Up

8/16/2017 10:20 AM PDT

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Heather Heyer‘s mother says the white supremacists and hate groups responsible for her daughter’s death didn’t shut her up … they made her message that much louder. 

Susan Bro gave a powerful speech Wednesday at her daughter’s memorial service in Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater, and served up a rallying cry for what her daughter died for … standing up against hate.

Susan told a packed room … “They tried to kill my child to shut her up. Well guess what? You just magnified her.” She added … if people continue Heather’s legacy of fighting racism and hate, it’d make her daughter’s death worthwhile. 

Susan ended with a powerful message … “I’d rather have my child. But, by golly, if I gotta give her up, we’re gonna make it count.” 

20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. — an alleged neo-Nazi sympathizer — has been charged with murder in connection to the crime.

Susan did not address Donald Trump‘s controversial remarks regarding blame in Charlottesville on “both sides” … but the Prez did mention Heather today. 

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