Barack Obama's NBA Junior League Idea Sucks, Says Billionaire Alec Gores

Bllionaire Alec Gores

Obama’s Idea Sucks

Just Pay College Hoopers Already

3/10/2018 12:35 AM PST


Billionaire dude Alec Gores says Barack Obama‘s “NBA Junior” idea ain’t gonna work … and if the NBA and NCAA want to fix college basketball there’s only one way — PAY THE PLAYERS!!

Gores is worth a cool $2 bil so, when we got him out on the town in L.A., we wanted to know if he thought it was time for another billion dollar entity — the NCAA — to break bread with their players.

“Absolutely they should pay,” Gores said … “It will reduce corruption, they should get paid. Period, end of the story.”

Obama has floated the idea the NBA should create a junior league for younger players — and when we asked Gores about that he showed the ex-Prez absolutely ZERO love.

“No. I don’t like that.”

As for LaVar Ball‘s plan to create a semi-pro league — Gores says he’s free to do whatever he wants, “It’s a free country” … but he clearly thinks the best idea is to just pony up to the NCAA players already.  

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