50 Cent — Your Superhero's an Impostor … We'll Stop Him in Court!


0913-50-cent-tmz-0250 Cent‘s new superhero series might be dead before it even takes flight — Starz is being threatened with a lawsuit if they don’t shut down the production.

JourStarr Publications fired off a legal letter, obtained by TMZ, saying the premise of Fiddy’s upcoming show “Tomorrow, Today” is a rip-off of the book, “Othello Greene: The Story Begins.”

50 Cent and premium cable channel Starz announced they were doing the show last month, and said it was based on a screenplay 50 wrote. The book’s publisher says that’s BS, and Anthony Baltimore is actually the author.

The publisher says it’s giving Starz 10 days to back down or else … it can expect a super-lawyer battle. 

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